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Losers :(

30 Mar

Yup, that’s what Baggins and I are considered in this whole lottery business.  You get the privilege of being the first ones to actually see the losing numbers.  Brace yourself.  It’s pretty exciting.

Let me take you back about an hour before the winning numbers were picked and we sadly sat on the couch contemplating our loss.

Andrew: “Hey, did you buy a lotto ticket?”

Me: “Uh, duh! I bought two.”

Andrew: ” So I get half if you win, right?”

Me: “That would be a HELL TO THE NO!”

Andrew: “&^*%%$ %^$@@!!!!!!!”

Me: “&^$# ###$^&****^%$!!!!!!!”

Andrew: “Fine! I’m going to the store to get my own!”

Me:  “I get half if you win, right?”

Andrew: “&^%$###%^&@#$!!!!!!!!

That pretty much sums up our entire conversation.  A lot of anger and “are you freaking kidding me!” took place.  We argued like we actually won and did not see eye to eye on what to spend it on.  Maybe it was good we didn’t win because we would have definitely broken up.

Karma payed us a little visit to teach us a lesson.  Poor birdie didn’t deserve this 😦

His little glass tail.  Lifeless.  So sad.

Karma was actually Baggins “accidentally” bumping into it while turning on the lamp.  I’m pretty sure he did it on purpose because of the whole lotto debate.  It’s ok, because I’m making him take me to  TJ Max to get something else to replace it.

You wanna know one thing I would actually want if I won the lotto?

A maid to clean up our monstrous kitchen disaster of a mess.  I’m just not a cleaner.  AT ALL.

Having a little Sophia is actually a million bazillion times better than winning any stinking lottery anyway.

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