Online Crack

9 Jan

I want to dedicate this post to all the people out there who are suffering from addiction.  I’m not talking about drugs or alcohol.  I’m talking about something way, way, more serious.  It’s a little site that many people, such as myself, are obsessed with.

It’s called…………….Pinterest. (*shutter*)

Image Detail

My name is Mariam and I have an addiction to Pinterest.  *sigh*  Ok, good.  I said it (eye twitching).

My addiction happened very innocently when a certain sister who shall remain nameless showed me the glory that is this site.

SISTER: “Hey, there’s this awesome site where people post random stuff that they like, make, or see.  You need to check it out!”

ME: “Ok. (typing O………..M………..G…………..

If you have not been there yet then where the hell have you been!

Here’s some awesome things I found on this heavenly site lately:

WTF!!!!  Only lame people buy oreos and eat them plain.  True fatty addicts such as myself now have the idea of stuffing a freakin’ reese’s in between them.  Oh Lord.

Pinned Image

Make my own coasters?  Uhhhh……..yes please!

Pinned Image

Dryer sheets clean the scum off shower doors?  This better work because I will be doing this tonight.

Pinned Image

I wonder if I could skank up my workout shorts this way.  Hmmmmm….

Pinned Image

If I ever go missing it’s because I made one of these bad boys and refuse to come out.

Pinned Image

Baby Squirrel!!  I once rescued a baby squirrel named Stewart and fed him a bottle much like this one.  I don’t want to talk about what happened to him three days later.  Hint: He’s no longer living.

Pinned Image

Ummmmm…..This is just dumb.  Dumb enough to make one day.

Pinned Image

Equality!!! And Cake!!!


If I go missing again it’s because my bird cocoon contraption broke and I now live in this beautiful bathroom.


Hair envy. Biatch.

Pinned Image

If I go missing again for the last time its because I broke into this house and am currently in a trance staring at these awesome steps.  *drool*

I can sleep now knowing that guinea pigs around the world are staying warm in their hand knitted sweaters. Whew!

I want to know how to make a classy jelly shot.  I’m not in college any more.  I’m classy.

Pinned Image

So now do you get just how randomly great this site is?  If you have not been there yet then please stop everything that you are doing and just take a peek.  Join the millions of addicted onliners like me.  Don’t you want to do what all the cool kids are doing?

Warning: Pinterest may consume your entire life and cause you to ignore everyone around you.  I highly recommend it.


6 Responses to “Online Crack”

  1. Leyla January 9, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    Aaahaaahahahaha! I need to join a Pinterest addiction program! It’s so good!

  2. susana January 9, 2012 at 9:04 pm #


  3. Michelle January 9, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    OMG I’m obsessed!!! I went to bed at 2 am pinning!!! This is soooo bad but sooooooooo good!!!!

  4. Patricia Fogt January 9, 2012 at 11:05 pm #

    Hysterical!! I’ve never seen anything like it! Thanks for turning me on to Pinterest 🙂

  5. Man January 13, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

    Erin Thrash is the one who told me about it. I love the website too! We should get skanky on the last day with those lace. Why didn’t you take a pic of your squirrel? Oh well, I bet we can find another one for you.

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