2012 Baby!

1 Jan

Happy new years bloggies!  I hope everyone had a great night celebrating with family and friends.  We sure had a great time hanging out with the whole gang at our close friend Patty’s house.  She always has a new years party every year which never disappoints in the fun department.  We love you Patty and we’re so thankful that you always open your doors to a bunch of nut heads like us.

I’m going to separate my new year’s post into two parts.  Let me tell you why.  Every one out there knows that when you have one of those “great” nights with friends, your pictures always start out fabulous and sweet and then quickly turn into “what the hell happened last night?” pictures.  My pictures did not disappoint in giving me a great laugh today.

Here’s the “PRETTY” version of what our night looked like:

Sister made sure everyone was blinged out with the usual tacky jewelry.

Danny and Andrea

Sister and I

Andrea and her hubby Rudy.

My beautiful godmother Susie.   The Solano family and I.  Little Sophia was not feeling like posing.

Mom and Susie getting ready to ring in the new year.

Michael was surprised with a birthday cake.  New years and a birthday party in one.

Blowing out his candles before he started a fire with that huge flame.  27 yrs. old!

The boys cheese ballin’ it up per usual.

Baggins and cousin

Our beautiful host Patty surrounded by a bunch of hooligans who look REALLY thirsty.

 Mama Solano has a tradition to light sparklers at midnight in remembrance of her brother David who passed away.  He was a beautiful person who is missed deeply by his family and friends.

Cheers David!

Here’s to another great year filled with shenanigans and fun!

Make sure you check back tomorrow to see the “UGLY” pictures.  They’re pretty great.

Goodnight bloggies.  Sweet Dreams.


2 Responses to “2012 Baby!”

  1. Leyla January 1, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    Happy New Year! It was a great night!

  2. Patricia Fogt January 2, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

    Great pics Mariam 🙂 Especially the one of you and Andrew with the sparklers 🙂 Happy New Year !

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