Road Trippin’

28 Dec

And yes, I just said trippin’. Do something.  Sorry, but for some reason I feel really hood.  And now I’m over it.

Sister and Nat have been staying with us from Chicago during Christmas break .  It’s been really great so far.  Today we decided to make a mini road trip to Wimberley, Texas to eat at a restaurant my sister kept raving about and to go through all the vintage shops.  If you just say the word “vintage” to me I’m down.

So, we all stuffed ourselves into Andrew’s car and headed off.  Even little Mini got to come with us today.  They were very pupper friendly there which I couldn’t have been more happy about.

Our first photo-op happened when we came across these hand-made creatures made out of wood and scrap metal.  The armadillos and Sophia became instant friends. 


Nat and Sister lounging on a swing outside a cute little vintage shop.  Sister getting her hand made fudge on.  So many options.  So little time.

Baggins kissing his fudge.  I think he may have liked it.

Vintage overload!  I just noticed the metal rooster being cheesy in the bottom right corner.  Haha.

We came across this really great cowboy shop filled with cowboy wear for humans and puppers!  Mini posed in her very first cowgirl hat.  She wasn’t really feeling it, but I thought she rocked it.  The owner was so nice and even gave Sophia a treat.

The same cowboy store had the most amazing cat just chillin’ on one of the couches.  I think it was a cross-breed of an owl and a cat.  Check out those amazing eyes and that cute smooshed face.  Love.

All that walking around made us all a little thirsty so we decided to hydrate the only way we know how to.  Wine time!  We all went for a wine tasting at a tiny little stand up bar that reminded me of being under an old circus tent. 

My favorite from the wine tasting was Symphony for sure.  I could so sit on the couch with a bottle of this beauty and cry to the movie The Help any day.  We did wind up buying a full bottle to take home.  Two more bottles of wine may have been purchased as well.  We love wine.  Don’t judge us.

Cheese ballin’  it up during wine tasting.

 After some much needed vino Sophia and I found a perfect little nook to sit and listen to a band playing on the corner of the street.

They look pretty legit in this picture.  I guess you would classify their sound as blue grass.  I have no clue, but I liked the corky sound.  Let me also address that my sister was being a total creeper standing in front of these guys forever recording a video and taking pictures.  Stage mom alert!  She did get me a good picture so I guess I should thank her.  Thank yerrr.  Shout out Madea.

Because the first round of fudge did not keep the boys full for a very long time, they wound up stopping at another fudge shop to buy more.  They said that it was wayyyyy better than the first batch of fudge, but they had been wine tasting for a while so I think everything was tasting good at that point.

In the same fudge shop there were also lots and lots of cigars whispering sweet nothings into the boys’ ears.

They wound up caving into temptation and treating themselves to a cigar or two or three or four.  We hung out, walked around, and drank wine until Marcos opened.  This is the restaurant my sister and Nat kept raving about.  They were right.  The food was delicious.

Beautiful tomato basil soup with “M” floating on top of each one.  Since my name starts with an “M” I feel that I am the rightful owner, but I chose to not start drama and announce my feelings on the matter.  I enjoyed the lentil soup that I stole from Baggos and kept my mouth shut.

Pasta Heaven.  It is really hard to get a sexy shot of someone eating.  Sorry sister.

The restaurant allowed Sophia to eat with us as long as we ate outside.  Despite the pupper discrimination that is a growing epidemic in our country, Mini politely sat on my lap the entire time.  I even let her sneak a little taste of my chicken for being such a good girl.

After a great day in Wimberly I scored some loot from my sister.  She was so nice to buy me a coin purse, framed pressed flowers, and wine bottle stoppers.  I say hells to the yeah!

We all had a really nice time on our mini road trip today.  Mini was so exhausted when we got home that she instantly went to sleep.  I plan on doing the same very soon too.  Goodnight bloggies.  Sweet dreams.


5 Responses to “Road Trippin’”

  1. Leyla December 29, 2011 at 12:14 am #

    We had a great time!

  2. Christina D. December 29, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

    Your dog is soo cute! Love the pic with the armadillos!

    • forevervintageblog December 29, 2011 at 2:01 pm #

      Thanks! I love her so much. I also love your blog. Im a fitness fanatic and your site has a lot of very useful info. Love the pictures btw.

  3. Patricia Fogt December 29, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

    You always put a huge smile on my face Mariam :))) Glad ya’ll had such a good time. Sophie looked like she really enjoyed it too! Great pics! Love ya’ll … see you Saturday!

    • forevervintageblog December 30, 2011 at 1:43 am #

      Thanks for always reading the blog! We love you so much and we cant wait to spend new years with you at your house. I’m excited to get some new blog material from it. 🙂

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