Grout Master

21 Nov

Yes, that’s what I would like to be called from now all.  You need a fresh grout job?  Grout Queen to the rescue!!  So, Im a little  overly confident on my new grouting skill. 

Baggos laid out the tile for the buffet line back splash and I grouted the sucker.  Shabang Brotha!

Using Clorox wipes really helped bring out the shine.  Doesn’t it look like I’m endorsing Clorox?  I swear Im not, but I would not turn down an offer *wink wink*.  I LOVE CLOROX WIPES!!!!!!  I’ll scream it from the roof tops if I have to.

Some more grouting magic happened in the form of the fire place tile that Papa Solano laid out.  He is a house renovating genius by the way.  He deserves a medal or a long hot air balloon ride.  He’s so great.

We picked out the most amazing tile ever.  It is really subtle, but it gives off a great shimmer when the light hits it.  Im not girlie, but I do like some shimmer every once in a while.

The grouting queen in action:

I plan on having many cozy book readings next to the fire place with little Miss Sophia in the near future.  Our first reading will come from To Kill a Mocking Bird.  That is still my favorite book since the first time I read it in highschool.

You know what I realized for the first time watching The Nate Berkus Show?  There is no way I can apply to be on his show for a makeover because I am not psycho crazy like everyone else that gets on his show.  I mean, I was watching this afternoon and some lady freaked out because she was getting a living room makeover.  She kept screaming and hugging Nate.  It was ridiculous.

All Im saying is that I would try to act too cool for school and scream like a teenager inside.  Come on people.  Keep it together!

I mean, who could resist this hair and those beautiful sky blue eyes?  They pierce through your soul like a charging mystical unicorn.

Image Detail

Hottie Mc. Hottie alert!!  All I want to do is munch on popcorn while Nate braids my hair while we watch hour long episodes of Roseanne.  Is that too much to ask?  Is that weird?  I hope this confession doesn’t affect my possibility of being on his show.

I should end this now before I reveal just how much I love Nate a.k.a. Mr. Berkus.

I have some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to watch.  I love everything about that show and Kyle’s hair.  Damn you for having such gorgeous hair!!!  Wow, I just realized I’m having a huge ADD moment.

Image Detail

Goodbye bloggies.  🙂


One Response to “Grout Master”

  1. Leyla November 22, 2011 at 6:30 am #

    Looking fab!

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