Bird Cage Obsessed

3 Nov

This is completely random, but is there a song you hear that just makes you say, YES! This is so the song that makes me say that.

MGMT- The Handshake

Also loving Bruno Mars so much lately.  “It Will Rain”.  Hells yeah to you Bruno.  And yes Im on a first name basis with him.  Love.  Baggins is really annoyed with me for playing this song all the time.  Haha.  YES!! (I close my eyes whenever I say this).

Alright, back to blog business.  I had an impulse buy at the store the other day and picked up this magazine while waiting in line.  Damn you pretty magazines that make me buy you.  It was in a plastic cover so I couldn’t read it and put it back afterwards.  Shout out to all the other bums like me who go to bookstores and never actually buy anything.  Im on a budget people, but I decided to splurge.

This magazine is basically filled with prettiness and more prettiness.  While I was drooling over all the beautiful decorating ideas I came across a gem.  What would you get if a bird cage had a love child with a chandelier?  Pure perfection people!  WTF! So amazeballs.  I have no words.

I want to find the decorator who came up with this amazing idea and give them a hug for giving me this beautiful idea for the house one day.  All I have to do is find some people with birds who are willing to give me their bird cages for free.

Me: “Oh my gosh, someone let your bird’s cage open and Polly’s gone?  Who could have done such a thing! So……………….what are you going to do with the empty birdcage?  I mean, Polly is gone isn’t he?”


2 Responses to “Bird Cage Obsessed”

  1. Leyla November 4, 2011 at 12:24 am #

    I absolutely love the bird cage idea. I also like the wall with pictures too!

  2. Patricia November 4, 2011 at 10:05 am #

    I have to admit ~ that does look amazing! Quite extravagant and amazing 🙂

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