Creating the “Wow” Factor

26 Oct

The purpose of accent furniture is to draw your eye to one piece that just creates the “wow” factor in a room.  I love pieces that are unique and truly stand out on their own.  I plan on creating a “wow” piece with a credenza that I purchased from Habitat for Humanity.  I will update a before/after picture once it is done.  The way I am going to make it stand out is with a bright color.  Im not going to tell you what color I chose but its going to really stand out and look great.  Let’s look at some pieces you can use in any room that can create a focal point and really make a room shine.

Check out this Royal Arm Chair by Modani.  Accent furniture doesnt have to be bright in color.  It can just have a really great design to it with a more subtle color like this great chair.  I would probably add a bold couch pillow on it to make it stand out even more.  I want.  Please buy for me.

Image Detail

Here’s the same chair in black.  So great.

Image Detail

I also discovered another beautiful chair from Modani called the Chesterfield Armchair.  Tell me this is not amazing.  You would definitely “wow” people with this bad boy.  It gives off a real space/robot vibe which means its pretty awesome.

I am in love with this room and everything in it.  My favorite piece would have to be the bold striped couch against the right wall.  It is absolutely beautiful.  You could go the more brave route and add more than one “wow” piece in a room like this one. Im going to knock on this person’s door and ask politely to sit on their couch.  I’ll do it.

Image Detail

A great way to create an accent in a bedroom is with a really amazing headboard.  This one is so freakin amazing that I may have to sell bbq plates just to buy it.  Shout out to my San Antonio peeps who get that.  Is that a mirrored border around it I see?  I love you sweet headboard.  Come to my house and live with me.  I would love you forever.

Image Detail

This headboard is just so cozy looking, isnt it?  It’s called the Peekaboo headboard and all I want to do is just cuddle with it.  This would definitely create a “wow” in a bedroom.  Maybe even a “bow-chica-bow-wow”.

Image Detail

Bold rugs like these little guys can really bring a room to life.  Imagine having one of these in an all white room.  Shout out to my future guest bedroom.  A rug that stands out makes a room interesting and inviting.  I love the red one so much.  I have an idea of a homemade rug that I will share soon.  All Im going to say is that it is made out of two separate rugs and butchered then put back together to create something amazing.

Image Detail

You didnt think I would get through an entire post without showing a mirrored piece of furniture now did you?  Come on now.  Check out the different pieces of cut mirrors that went into this bad boy.  Im drooling.  If someone walks into your house without noticing this guy then they should be shown the door and have it slammed in their face.  Goodbye to you dumb person with no taste.

Image Detail

I can go on and on about accent furniture and how I would use it in interior design, but I am fighting to keep my eyes open at the moment.  I had a very long day to say it kindly and need some sleep.  Im going to show you more ideas that create the “wow” factor in a room tomorrow.  Goodnight friends.


4 Responses to “Creating the “Wow” Factor”

  1. Patricia October 26, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    I love the way you write Mariam!! You are too cute and oh so funny!! I also LOVE your ideas and taste 🙂 I truly enjoy your fun blogs…keep them coming 🙂

    • forevervintageblog October 27, 2011 at 12:10 am #

      Thanks Patty. Good to know someone out there is reading these :). I would still write even if no one read them because its so much fun for me.

  2. Susana October 30, 2011 at 1:40 pm #

    Wow on the mirrored piece of furniture. You are very funny amiga.

    • forevervintageblog October 31, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

      Thanks 🙂 Im so glad you are reading my blog. Now I have more than three people reading. woo hoo!!

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