Vintage Outing Part I

22 Oct

Guess who had the best birthday on friday?  That would be me thank you very much.  I got to spend the day with my mom and my sister vintage shopping all day in Boerne.  It turned out to be a major success and I scored some great finds.  You know what the best part of the whole day was?  My sister and my mom payed for all my treasures because it was my birthday.  I love them so much.  Here’s some pics of our little family outing:

Shmams and Sister eating yummy pie at a local cafe.

Mom checking out some cookbooks.  Shout out to her own cookbook “Become a Healthier You”.  There is so many great and healthy recipes in it.

A cool bear head that I dont think would go with the style I want my house to have.  Oh well.

While we were walking around we stumbled accross a collection of old mammys.  I just now noticed the one random white doll in the background.  Haha.  Too funny.

Mom checking out some vintage goodies.

Sister and I looking at some shiny things.

Bonded with a furry friend.  Sorry someone killed you.

Room full of clocks.  All the ticking they made was so relaxing.

Check out these amazing mirrored candle stick holders I found.  Too bad their price tags were unequally amazing so I had to keep browsing.  Boo to you pretty candle stick holders.

Spooky pirate head in some red glass.

Imagine this little guy standing over you while you slept:

Check out the mirrored furniture we ran into.  Ignore my pigeon toed feet please.

This was such an amazing lamp.  It would have been perfect for the guest room but it cost way too much, dangit!

Overall, our little vintage outing was a success.  You’re probably wondering what we actually did score, but Im going to save that for the next post.  I cant wait to give all my new treasures a new home where they will be loved.  If you have never been vintage shopping then let me tell you that it can be really addicting.  Everytime I walked past these little treasures they begged and yelled for me to buy them.  And yes, vintage treasures do talk and its really hard to ignore them.  I’ll update you guys tomorrow all my new old lady chic treasures.


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