Another Day At The Casa

16 Oct

I decided that I wanted to be a lazy butt and not show up to help at the house until noon.  I  was just not feeling it today.  When I did finally get there I worked for about an hour and broke for lunch.  And if you know me then you know that I must have a nap after I eat.  So that’s exactly what I did.  I did manage to paint the front door black which was a pain in my butt.  A certain brand of paint which I will not mention by name promised on the label to not leave brush strokes. They lied.  Hopefully in the morning I’ll see it dry and it wont look like runny black poo. *fingers crossed*.

The blackest of black doors. This picture doesn’t show the poo streaks:

My hand after trying to wash oil based door paint from a roller.  Outcome= sticky black hands that wouldn’t wash off.  I finally decided to submerge my hand in mineral spirits which I pretended was a spa treatment. It worked. It brought me back to my Art school days.  Shout out Michelle. Michelle’s my bestfriend I met in college.  I’ll introduce her on another post.  We have too many funny stories to tell.

Most exciting thing of a not so exciting day was furniture and appliance delivery!!

Sneak peak of my beloved couches.  No one is allowed to sit on them because they’re way too pretty.  I’m thinking of buying some bean bag chairs to throw in the living room.

I’ll post the kitchen appliances when we hook them up and clean the kitchen.


One Response to “Another Day At The Casa”

  1. Michelle October 16, 2011 at 10:06 pm #

    Well in the pic, the door looks so sexy and amazing. I’m loving the black! Hopefully the paint streaks went away, because as we know, streaks aren’t good on well…. anything! Oh yeah, and shout out to Mineral Spirits!! That stuff is awesome. But only nerds who went to art school would know that. Yay Art!

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