Renovation Update

15 Oct

I remember when Fridays were getting all dolled up to go booty shaking, but now things are really different.  Fridays look more like going to the new house and getting down and dirty making it livable.  So far we are really far with everything.  The boys tackled the floors again today and its looking awesome.  Lets look at the pics of the day and pretend that we were not all half dead from sleep deprivation.

Baggins(Andrew) and his sister Alyssa bringing in the dining table and chairs we got at the local Habitat for Humanity.  We got a great deal on it and the details on it are amazing.  I’m going to do my restoration magic on it soon so be ready to have your mind blown.  That was a tad creepy.  Lets just say I’m going to make it pretty.  (p.s. right boob resting on table is priceless).

Check out the feet of the table and the matching chairs.  Come on this is so amazing.  Notice the ungodly amount of construction dust on the new floors.  I swear we were all sneezing out dry wall dust for a couple of days.  That can’t be healthy.

One of the 6 dining room chairs waiting to be painted and reupholstered.

Papa Solano (a.k.a. Andrew’s dad) working on the floors.  Doesnt it look like he’s sleep walking with a shank he found on the floor?  Maybe its just me.

Mama Solano (a.k.a. Andrew’s mom) gettin’ her white paint on.  She had her pants on inside out when she got to the house.  Sorry Mama S. I had to say it.


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