Hello World!

14 Oct

So today marks the very first time I am blogging on my new site!  This really is an exciting moment so let me just take a moment to soak it in…………………………..Ok, Im good. Why am I starting a blog?  Well, I have always wanted to start one where I can share all the things that I like to do and create.  I will use my blog to show all the future projects that I have planned to work on.  Hopefully you will be inspired to create your own spin on home decor, crafts, and everything just plain artsy.

10 things you should know about me:

1.  My name is Mariam.

2. I graduated with a Fine Arts Degree and Im currently working as a middle school art teacher.

3.  Im in love with Nate Berkus.  I dream of just hanging out with him and vintage shopping all day long.

4.  Me and my boo of 5 yrs. are new home owners.

5.  I have the bestest baby girl ever! Her name is Sophia and she’s a mixed Chihuaha.

6.  I love Thrift stores.

7.  I love to paint.

8.  I like to refurbish old things and make them my own.

9.  I pretend that I am an interior decorator to the stars. (Million Dollar Decorators was one of my all time favorite shows on BRAVO)

10.  Did I mention that I love Nate Berkus? My top goal in life is to be on his show for the segment “House Proud”.


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